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COVID-19 vaccination programme

The NHS is vaccinating people in Weston-super-Mare, Worle and surrounding villages at Riverbank Medical Centre, Weston-super-Mare.

Here at Pier Health, we’ve transformed Riverbank Medical Centre into your local dedicated COVID-19 vaccination hub. You can download directions here.


We are now offering vaccinations to any adult over the age of 18

We are now offering vaccinations to any adult over the age of 18.

In line with the recent change in JVCI guidance, all new first dose vaccinations will be with the Pfizer vaccination.

Information regarding second doses

We are now offering all second doses at 8 weeks. You can expect us to contact you to confirm your second dose in this timeframe in the coming weeks.

Riverbank Medical Centre - Covid Vaccination Centre
Riverbank Medical Centre

Great news: Riverbank Medical Centre is now included on the national bookings service

This means when you receive the national booking letter from the government to get your COVID-19 vaccination you can now choose Riverbank Medical Centre for your first or second vaccination.

Latest update about concerns around safety of AZ vaccine

There have been reports of a very rare condition involving blood clots and unusual bleeding after vaccination. Although this condition remains extremely rare, there appears to be a higher risk in people shortly after the first dose of the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine.

Around four people develop this condition for every million doses of AZ vaccine doses given. This is seen slightly more often in younger people and tends to occur between four days and two weeks following vaccination. This is being carefully reviewed but the risk factors for this condition are not yet clear.

This condition can also occur naturally, and clotting problems are a common complication of COVID-19 infection. An increased risk has not yet been seen after other COVID-19 vaccines but is being carefully monitored.

Following advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), we will be offering people under 30 who have not yet had their first COVID-19 vaccination, a vaccine other than AZ. We are waiting for National guidance and are working through how we will operationalise this within our local area of Bristol North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. We will update this website as these plans progress.

In the meantime, this leaflet from Public Health England is a good resource and provides more information about the benefits and risks of the AZ COVID-19 vaccination. Sometimes it is hard to get a “feel” for risk when numbers are very small. This infographic helps make the risks easier to understand.

We’re open from 08.30 to 19.30 on the days we have had the vaccine delivered

We have seven vaccinators working at the centre every time we’re open

We can deliver up to 1,000 vaccinations a day to those who need it

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Don’t wait to be contacted

We are now offering the Covid-19 vaccine to all people over the age of 18

You should already have been contacted both by your practice and the government. So if you haven’t booked your vaccination now is the time to get your jab and get yourself protected.

Riverbank is now part of the national booking system so you can either make your appointment that way or via the text you will have received from your practice.

All 1st doses are now with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

When you’ll get your vaccine

Having successfully offered vaccines to all the priority groups we are now able to offer vaccinations to any adult aged over 18 and because we are now on the national booking system we can offer a vaccination to anyone who chooses our site for both first and second doses.


I’m pregnant – what should I do?

The COVID-19 vaccination is being offered to some pregnant women including health and social care workers and those with high risk medical conditions.

For more information, please read the following:

I have allergies – what should I do?

Please find information for patients with reported allergies here.

What will happen when your time comes to have the vaccine


1. When it is your turn the surgery will contact you

When it is your turn the surgery will contact you either by text message, phone call or mail. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mobile phone, we’ll either ring you or write to you.

2. We will then book your appointment

It is our intention to give you your second appointment in exactly 12 weeks to the day at the same time and the same place as before.

3. Your appointment will be at Riverbank Medical Centre

This is our dedicated vaccination centre for Pier Health Group, nothing else happens here apart from COVID-19 vaccinations.
Beware of scammers

The COVID-19 vaccination is free and you never should have to pay for it. We use texting as it contains a link for you to book into the appointment system at Riverbank Medical Centre. We will never ask for personal details or bank details.

On the day of your appointment

1. Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early

This is to ensure we safely vaccinate as many people as possible. There is a sizable car park and plenty of parking on the roads around.

2. Our car park marshals will ensure traffic flows freely and that you’re there at the right time

You will be asked for your appointment time and if you are unreasonably early the marshals will have to ask you to leave and come back again at the correct time.

3. You’ll be greeted at the door to the centre

We aim for no queuing outside but if you do, there is a marquee set up to keep you dry. You will be met at the door and asked to sanitise your hands and wear your mask.

4. You will be booked in

Once inside, you will go to the reception desk to be booked in to say you have arrived.

5. The reception team will let you know where to go

You’ll be directed to stand outside one of the seven vaccination rooms (there are footsteps on the floor to indicate where you need to stand).

6. You’ll then be called in and asked some questions

The vaccinator (usually a nurse or doctor) will explain about the vaccination and ask you some questions, most specifically about previous allergies. They will also answer any questions you have.

7. Make sure you are dressed correctly

Make sure you’re dressed in a way that allows you to easily present your left upper arm for the injection.

8. Once you have had the injection you will be given two things:

  1. A vaccination card specifying which vaccine you had and the batch number with the date.
  2. Detailed information about the vaccine plus more about the vaccination process in general.

9. You will wait 15 minutes If you are given the Pfizer vaccine

If you are given the Pfizer vaccine you will need to wait for 15 minutes before you leave the centre. There are three waiting rooms to do this in.

10. If you are given the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine you can leave immediately unless you have driven to the centre

If you have driven, you still need to wait 15 minutes before you leave the centre.

11. Notify your GP if you are troubled by side-effects

If you are troubled by any side-effects after you leave the centre, please contact your GP surgery for help.


1. Attend your second appointment

It is our intention to give you your second appointment in exactly 12 weeks from your first vaccination at both the same time and the same place as before.

More information about your second vaccination can be found here.

Remember, the vaccine is only part of the solution




Will I be able to pass on the virus to others if I’ve been vaccinated?

We don’t know the answer to this quite yet. It could be possible for you to pass the virus on even if you have had the vaccine.

The vaccines work by causing your body to create a rapid immune response to the virus so it doesn’t make you unwell, but it may not stop you from passing the virus on to somebody else.

Even if you’ve been vaccinated it’s still important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you.

To protect yourself and your family, friends and colleagues you still need to:
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a face mask
  • Wash your hands carefully and frequently
  • Follow the current guidance

Our story to date

As of 26.02.21
February 15th marked an important milestone in the national and local COVID-19 vaccination programme. We met national targets by vaccinating the top four priority groups set out by the government. This means the most vulnerable people – those over the age of 70, clinically extremely vulnerable and frontline health and care staff, have had the first stage of this vital protection against COVID-19.

Within our local community, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, vaccination capacity has been expanded on an almost weekly basis since the first vaccination was given locally on 8 December at Southmead Hospital.

Now, one super vaccination centre, three hospital hubs, 19 GP-led vaccination sites and seven pharmacy sites are vaccinating tens of thousands of vulnerable people each week.

Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:
  • Over 25,000 people have had the first dose of the vaccine
  • 94% of everyone over 80 have had the first dose
  • 93% of people aged between 75-79 have had the first dose
  • 100% of care homes have been offered vaccinations. This has involved over 2, 000 vaccinations in more than 50 care homes.
Even more importantly, the news on the efficacy of the vaccines is brilliant. We know that:
  • Both vaccines are demonstrating significant protection against COVID-19 with hospital admissions falling as well as death rates.
  • Both vaccines are demonstrating the ability to significantly reduce the onward transmission of the virus.

We have given

vaccinations against Covid-19

Last Updated 17/09/21

Frequently asked questions

I’ve received a letter about booking my vaccination appointment - what should I do?

When you receive the national booking letter from the government to get your COVID-19 vaccination, the sites run by your local GP practices don’t appear on your letter and can’t be booked through the national booking line. This doesn’t mean you can’t use Riverbank, just that our centre isn’t included in this list. We have capacity to vaccinate you and we will contact you when it’s time for you to have your vaccine with us.

Why haven’t I had my vaccine when others the same age already have?

This is because there are several thousand individuals in each cohort (grouping) and we have to systematically work our way through so that everyone is included. This can take a few weeks depending on how quickly the vaccine is supplied to us.

If I’ve already had COVID-19 do I still need to get vaccinated?

Yes. Whilst you may have some level of immunity if you’ve had coronavirus, this varies and may not last long. It’s still really important for you to get the vaccine. The MHRA has

considered this issue and decided that getting vaccinated is just as important for those

who have already had COVID-19 as it is for those who haven’t.

When will the next cohorts (groups) be vaccinated?

We are making great progress in vaccinating our patients in the first four cohorts. This includes patients who can visit the practice, as well as some who we need to vaccinate in their home or care home. 

When it is time to move onto the next cohort, we will be told by the government and they will arrange for us to get a vaccine delivery. Once this happens, we will contact you. The government ambition is to offer vaccines to everyone in the first five groups (13 million people) by the middle of February.

Which vaccine will I get?

You won’t be given a choice about which vaccine you get.

Recommendations on which groups get the vaccine are made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunology – an independent group of scientists.

How quickly does the vaccine work?

As your immune system needs to generate a response, generally speaking, the protection from the virus starts after about 7-10 days. 

The Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford vaccines both need to be given in two doses. In both cases, it is our intention to give you your second appointment in exactly 12 weeks from your first vaccination at both the same time and the same place as before. You will still have a good level of protection after the first dose, but the second dose is more important for longer-lasting protection. This means it’s really important to go back for your second dose when we book you in.

How long does the vaccine last?

At the moment, we don’t yet know how long protection will last. This is because the vaccines haven’t been around for long enough, but researchers are studying this closely. The length of protection may vary between different vaccines but it is likely to last at least several months, but repeat vaccinations may be needed.

Will I be able to pass on the virus to others if I’ve been vaccinated?

We don’t yet know whether the vaccine will stop you from catching and passing on the virus to somebody else, but we do expect it to reduce this risk. So, it is still important to follow the guidance in your local area to protect those around you.

To protect yourself and your family, friends and colleagues you still need to:

  • practice social distancing
  • wear a face mask
  • wash your hands carefully and frequently
  • follow the current guidance

If you develop symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has, you will still need to self-isolate.

Do I still need to shield if I’ve had the vaccine?

Yes, even if you have had both doses of the vaccine, you should continue to shield until further notice. This is while we continue to assess the impact of vaccination among all groups. The people you live with should continue to follow the public health rules and guidance as long as they are in place, including if you have received the vaccine and also if they have received the vaccine.

I am a frontline health and social care worker. I haven’t been called yet, how do I know when and where I will get vaccinated?

There are more than 50,000 frontline health and social care staff in this priority vaccination category for the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area. Your employer will have been contacted by now by the local NHS to ask for details of staff.

As a result of the numbers involved, further prioritisation within this group had to be made to ensure a safe, effective and fair approach to staff vaccination as possible. The aim is that every member of this valued frontline workforce will be vaccinated as quickly as possible.

Initially, the first group invited to book their appointments will be:

  • Frontline staff whose role involves either providing direct personal care, or having direct contact with people receiving care, AND:
  • Who are in the high risk category in relation to COVID-19 due to their personal characteristics e.g. medical history, OR
  • Who are providing care to people who are clinically extremely vulnerable or are in a high risk category for COVID-19

Once these staff have been vaccinated, vaccination appointments will be offered to any remaining frontline staff whose role involves either providing direct personal care or having direct contact with people receiving care.

There are various places that staff can be vaccinated, including the vaccination centre at Ashton Gate stadium in Bristol and several hospital sites across BNSSG.

Please wait to be contacted. We will let you know when it’s your turn to have the vaccine so you don’t need to contact us. Don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten.

You can find out more information about protection for healthcare workers here.


Other vaccination centres

Our vaccination hub at Riverbank Medical Centre is your local choice to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Other vaccination centres near you are:

  • Bristol Vaccination Centre
    Ashton Gate Stadium
    Ashton Rd
    Ashton Gate
  • Local pharmacies will be offering the vaccine in due course